Once upon a time I thought I had a great idea. Sound familiar?

An illustrator friend of mine created an image of a stylized bee for my Beminders project.

Be Good Bee


Photoshop Elements was my playground for making more bees.

Bee Line


I like plays on words and because I was designing greeting cards I came up the the name Special DeliverBees.
They would make Special Deliveries. Get it?

No Special Occasion Needed


I used WordPress and Woo Commerce to build a site to sell my DeliverBees cards
and used spreadshirt.com to make DeliverBees Tees.

I really enjoyed the whole process but eventually reality set in - no sales.

So, until I can come up with another idea for my DeliverBees, I'll just let them rest awhile.

If you think of something, or you'd like to license the Bees for your product, let me know - beminders(at)gmail(dot com)